If you want your lashes to appear thicker or are simply tired of applying eyeliner everyday then this is the treatment for you.

This treatment is great for making you feel like you can just get up and go. With professionally applied eyeliner your eyes can appear bigger and your lashes longer, and best of all it is waterproof and smudge free!!


Do I need to do anything prior to or after my appointment?

It is essential that you refrain from sunbed use, consuming alcohol, caffeine and any blood thinning medication (unless prescribed) at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Following treatment you will not be able to get the area wet, go in direct sunlight or apply creams, makeup or moisturisers for 7 days.

Do I need a consultation first?

It is advisable to come for a consultation prior to your appointment where we can check over your medical health and discuss the options which are most suited to you. You will also need to have a patch test done at least 24 hours before your appointment and this can be done at your consultation. We offer a 15 minute consultation free of charge.

What is the process?

Permanent makeup is a two part process, it is essential that you complete both appointments to perfect the area and ensure longevity.

Your first appointment takes around 1.5 hours to complete. In the following 4 weeks you will go through various stages of healing. Between weeks 8 and 12 you will return for a retouch appointment to complete the process and once complete your new eyeliner should last 2-3 years before requiring a colour boost

Is it suitable if I have sensitive eyes?

If your eyes are overly sensitive or water a lot then this may not be the treatment for you. The area needs to be kept as dry as possible following treatment so it can have an effect on how they heal if your eyes are watering excessively.