If you aren’t ready for permanent makeup just yet or you have naturally beautiful brows, we offer brow lamination to help keep them in shape.

Brow lamination is a great treatment to give you the illusion of fuller, fluffy brows. It sets your brows hairs in a certain direction, meaning no more waking up with unruly brows.


If done correctly then brow lamination will not damage your brow hair. Over processing the hair can cause weakness, breakage and damage which is why it is essential you go to a fully qualified and experienced technician.


If you have a lot of unruly brow hair that you would like to look more groomed or you have a few sparse areas and would like your brows to look fuller then brow lamination could be the treatment for you. It is essential that you have a patch test to make sure you are not sensitive to the products used. 

How long does brow lamination last? 

It varies from client to client as it depends where your brow hair was in its growth cycle when you had the treatment done however brow lamination should last around 6-8 weeks before you will need to have it redone. You may wish to have a maintenance appointment around 3 weeks to tint and shape your brows again. 

Can I wear makeup after brow lamination?

You should avoid any makeup to the brow area for 24 hours following a brow lamination treatment. You don’t want to risk makeup clogging your pores and making the area sensitive or prone to outbreaks 

How much is brow lamination?

Brow lamination takes an hour to complete and is £35.00