If you want your lashes to appear thicker or are simply tired of applying eyeliner everyday then permanent eyeliner is the treatment for you.

This treatment is great for making you feel like you can just get up and go. With professionally applied eyeliner your eyes can appear bigger and your lashes longer, and best of all it is waterproof and smudge free!!

Do I need to do anything prior to or after my eyeliner appointment?

It is essential that if you use any eyelash serums or retinols around the eye area then you refrain from using these 2 weeks prior to your appointment. 

Do I need a consultation first?

It is essential to have a consultation when having permanent eyeliner to ensure we can safely carry out the treatment. Permanent eyeliner is not suitable for every client. 

What is the process involved in getting permanent eyeliner?

Eyeliner takes around 1.5 – 2 hours to complete. You can choose whether to have just top eyeliner or top and bottom and there are a variety of natural colours to choose from. Once your permanent eyeliner is complete you will return for a colour boost appointment around 6 weeks later to perfect them. 

Is permanent eyeliner suitable if I have sensitive eyes?

  1. In some circumstances sensitive eyes will not have a negative impact on your eyeliner treatment, however if your eyes water a lot then it is not the ideal treatment for you. 

How much is permanent eyeliner?

Top eyeliner is £200 and top and bottom eyeliner combined is £250. The price includes an initial consultation, the treatment and a perfecting appointment around 6 weeks after your initial appointment.