It may be that you draw your brows on every day due to years of over plucking or you may have natural brows that just need a bit of definition and perfecting, whatever your concerns I can help with semi-permanent make up.

Eyebrows frame your face, they can create an instant lift and a good set of brows can knock years off you. I offer a variety of styles so we can design the perfect set of brows to enhance your features. 



Prior to your semi-permanent makeup treatment, it is essential that you complete the consent form which will be emailed to you. You should refrain from taking any blood thinning medication for 48 hours before treatment, however you should not discontinue any medication without doctors consent. You should avoid any waxing of the brows at least 48 hours before the procedure and tinting and use of retinols should be left at least 2 weeks. We also request that you do not drink alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours prior to your semi-permanent makeup appointment. 
After your semi-permanent makeup treatment has been carried out you will receive a detailed aftercare leaflet, it is important that you follow this to ensure your brows heal well. You should refrain from putting any product other than the aftercare balm anywhere near your eyebrows for at least 7 days. Avoid swimming/saunas/heat/sweating for the first 7-10 days. Infections can occur if aftercare instructions are not followed correctly. 

What is the process of semi-permanent makeup?

The appointment takes around 1.5-2 hours to complete. We will discuss your expectations and what we are able to achieve. Emma will draw the design for you to agree the shape, thickness and colour before we start. Once completed there is a 6 week heal period before you will return for a perfecting session. 

Do I need a consultation first?

Emma offers free consultations however it is not always possible for a face-to-face consultation as some clients travel from far and wide. In this instance we require a consultation form to be completed prior to booking to ensure you are suitable for treatment. If you have previous permanent makeup then it is essential for us to see your brows either via consultation or a photo. 

Will my semi-permanent eyebrow treatment look natural?

Emma specialises in natural enhancements. The aim of semi-permanent makeup is to enhance what you already have or reinstate what you may have lost due to age or genetics. 

How permanent are your eyebrow treatments?

Semi-permanent makeup treatments are designed to last around 2-5 years. Once healed the colour will gradually fade over time and you will lose definition in the shape. Elements such as sun exposure and genetics can have an impact on how long they will last which is why we recommend a colour boost appointment every 12-18 months to keep your brows looking fresh 

How much do semi-permanent eyebrows cost?

All styles of semi-permanent eyebrows are £250 for the full treatment which includes a consultation, the first treatment and the perfecting appointment 6 weeks later.