Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation which removes the top layer of dulling, dead skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

One of the main benefits of this treatment is that is also removes the ‘peach fuzz’ vellus hair on your face, which leaves your skin feeling super soft and allows your makeup to glide on for a flawless finish.

Why choose dermaplaning?

Is dermaplaning the same as shaving?

Dermaplaning is similar to shaving as it removes all the peach fuzz from your face, however the main difference is that dermaplaning gives a thorough exfoliation and can get to areas which you wouldn’t be able to do with a traditional razor. Your hairs will not grow back like stubble or any thicker either, this is a myth!

Is dermaplaning safe?

Dermaplaning is a very safe procedure providing it is carried out by a skilled technician who has done a consultation to determine whether you are suitable for treatment. If you have super sensitive skin or active acne then dermaplaning isn’t for you and can leave your skin feeling worse. 

Should I avoid anything after my dermaplaning treatment?

Dermaplaning is a gentle procedure which doesn’t hurt however you are still removing a fine dead layer of skin so it is important that directly after you wear sunscreen of at least factor 30. Emma will apply some to your face before you leave. We always advise not to wear makeup for 24 hours just to allow your skin time to breathe, however this isn’t essential. Apart from that there isn’t much else you can’t do.

How much is dermaplaning?

There are two different options on our treatment list. The Express dermaplaning is £30.00 which is 30 minutes and includes cleanse, dermaplane, moisturise. The Luxury dermaplane takes an hour and is £45 which includes the same as an express as well as a fruit enzyme peel and a prescription face mask for that extra glow